Modafinil is the medication, known as a wakefulness promoting agent. Additionally, its active ingredient, Provigil, is known as a eugeroic medication. The drug is clinically tested and approved to decrease the symptoms of such disorders as narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorders, excessive daytime sleepiness, etc. Additionally, the drug is frequently taken off-label to improve other conditions, especially depression, cognitive enhancement, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and others. However, more and more people are using Modafinil as weight loss help.
Since Modafinil features a great impact on dopamine levels, it is potent to increase them, advancing the overall body energy. As a result, a patient may experience significant weight loss as a side effect.

Numerous people were reported to lose weight during Provigil administration and putting no extra effort. The reason for such change is the increase of dopamine levels, since they lead to decreased hunger, thus, stimulated weight loss. Appetite suppressive function of the medication helps patients to forget about food and stay active for long. Despite Modafinil is not officially indicated for weight loss, its off-label use can promote weight reduction rather effectively.

Provigil and Weight Loss: Way Medication Promotes the Necessary Effect

Provigil and Weight LossApart from appetite suppression, Modafinil intake will stimulate a range of other peculiarities and mechanisms to stimulate the required process. Advancing dopamine levels in the organism, the treatment also affects:

  • Metabolism – speeding the processes of food digestion, the medication is suggested to help patients reduce excess weight;
  • Appetite decrease – lots of people using Provigil report decreased hunger during the treatment course. Having no desire to eat, you are likely to reduce weight;
  • Energy levels – advancing the energy stock is possible with vigilance activated by Modafinil. Consequently, a patient gets engaged into more physical activities than usually, burning more calories and staying active;
  • Physical performance – considerable energy increase leads to patients’ interest in different sports and related activities. Such things help boost metabolism and speed the calorie burning process. The result is significant weight loss;
  • Cognition – affecting cognitive processes. Modafinil simulates the improvement of mental performance. Such patients choose to start exercising, dieting or doing other useful activities more often.

Other Factors that May Influence Goal Achievement

Despite the medication is known for such a powerful interference with the weight loss process, there are several factors that presuppose the level of weight reduction. They include:

  • Dosage: most commonly Modafinil 100 mg for weight loss is completely sufficient;
  • Time span: the more Modafinil you take, the more weight you lose. However, follow the prescription and other safety recommendations to make the process beneficial;
  • Lifestyle;
  • Other treatments;
  • Genetics and others.